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Chemung County Broadband Aggregation & Adoption (BAAT) Campaign - Search Your Address to Start!

Chemung County sponsored this BAAT Campaign in order to hear from residents about their current broadband needs and whether those needs are being met by providers. In order to start the survey, please enter your address to the right and click "Search for my Address". If a list of addresses similar to yours appears, simply continue to type in your address to overwrite the information and confirm the correct zip code.

As a reliable Internet connection becomes crucial to everything from conducting business to completing school work, it is vital we do all we can to make sure our constituents are connected. The goal of this campaign is to gather enough information for municipalities to put together a plan to enhance broadband services in their area. Once completed, municipalities will have specific and detailed micro data to analyze and share with carriers and service providers.

How you can help

  • Complete the BAAT Campaign online survey. The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete.
  • Leave a comment. In the comment section, you'll have an opportunity to express your opinion about broadband service (or lack of service) in your area.
  • Encourage your friends and neighbors to complete the survey.The success of the campaign depends on how well we get the word out, so please encourage everyone you know to complete the survey as well.
  • Register as a backer. Create an account so you can come back to see how the campaign is progressing.
  • We are looking for campaign champions to volunteer. Sign up to be a champion and help spread the word about this campaign.

"While our County has made great strides in addressing our lack of broadband access through the design and building of the Southern Tier Network, we know there are still many residents who have poor to no Internet access in their homes and businesses," said Chemung County Deputy Executive and Southern Tier Economic Growth President Michael Krusen. "In order to decide how to get to our underserved residents, we need more precise data on where they are, what they currently have - or don't have - and what they want from a provider. Were using the BAAT Campaign to collect this data so we can come up with a plan to move forward and better our broadband County-wide."

Understanding demand aggregation and adoption levels is a strong too for enticing last-mile private investment into a region: when we can show through this campaign exactly which addresses have no service and precisely which residents and business owners are demanding and willing to pay for broadband service, the investment is significantly more attractive. Information gathered in this survey will only be used as a tool to enhance broadband services in Chemung County and will not be used as a marketing tool.


County Participation Goals

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